Speaker Instructions

1.Presentation Format

Please confirm the presentation format guidelines below in accordance with your presenting category (onsite, online, e-poster).

1.1. Onsite Presenters

Timeline on the day

  • Bring your presentation slide data to the PC Preview Desk (Speaker Ready Room) at least 1 (one) hour prior to your session start (or at least 30 min before the first session). If your session is the first one in the morning, you are advised to bring your presentation slide data to the PC Preview Desk on the day before the session is scheduled.
  • Your session will be recorded and made available for On-Demand viewing after the completion of WFNMB2022, until November 30, 2022.

Onsite speakers who are unable to come to the venue are asked to submit their pre-recorded presentation data by the submission deadline via the Presentation Data Upload website below (see Online Presenters – Data submission).

1.2. Online Presenters

Preparing for your session

  • Chairs and speakers participating online will need to access Zoom Webinar to take part in their session.
    *For the presentations we will stream your pre-recorded lecture video submitted in advance (see Data submission below). The Q&A session will be conducted live via Zoom.
  • Please download the latest version of Zoom app on your PC beforehand:
  • Join the session from a quiet and adequately illuminated environment with a strong and stable internet connection. Using a wired LAN network connection is highly recommended.
  • Make sure that you have a webcam and a headset with a microphone connected to your PC. The use of speakers is not recommended as they may cause a feedback loop.
  • The Zoom session link will be sent to you by email about 2-3 days before the session.

Data submission

All online presenters are asked to submit their pre-recorded lecture data via the Presentation Data Upload website by the submission deadline.
Submission deadline: August 19, 2022

Presentation Data Upload website:

Data Guidelines

  1. Data Format: MP4
  2. Size Limit: Up to 1.5GB
  3. Aspect Ratio: 16:9 (recommended)
  4. Presentation Language: English

Please access the Presentation Data Upload website and log in by using the ID and password sent to you via email by the Secretariat.
If you plan to use the PowerPoint presentation recording function, kindly make sure that your narration audio is embedded in the PowerPoint presentation recording before you export it to the MP4 video file format.

Timeline on the day

There will be a pre-session briefing on the day, starting at least 45 min before the session. During the briefing you will receive a short technical explanation regarding the Zoom operation, and go over the flow of the session.

Discussion format

For Q&A please turn your webcam and microphone on when you join the discussion, Questions will be accepted from both onsite attendees and online participants via chat or comments from the floor.

On-Demand Q&A

During the On-Demand viewing period, the Q&A can be entered by using the Discussion Forum (Q&A for On-Demand viewing) module on the Virtual Attendee Portal.
Please make sure you check your session page regularly as there are no automatic notifications for new comments.

1.3. E-Poster Presenters

Data submission

Please submit your final version of the recorded presentation via the Abstract Submission page by the submission deadline.
Submission deadline: August 12, 2022

Abstract Submission page (Poster Presentation data upload):
*Please sign in with the email address and password you have used to register your abstract.

Slide Guidelines

  1. Data Format: PDF
  2. Aspect Ratio: 4:3
  3. Page Limit: Up to 10 pages
  4. Language: English

*E-poster will be viewed only on online for the WFNMB2022 participants, and you are not requested to make a presentation.


E-Poster questions and answers can be entered by using the Discussion Forum (Q&A for On-Demand viewing) module on the Virtual Attendee Portal.
Please make sure you check your E-Poster page regularly as there are no automatic notifications for new comments.

2. Guidelines for Preparing Your Presentation (Onsite Presenters)

Preparing the presentation slides

  1. Please prepare your presentation in 16:9 format (recommended).
  2. It is recommended to use standard (OS default) fonts, such as Century Gothic, Courier, Times New Roman.
  3. For the onsite presentation, MS PowerPoint 2013, 2016, 2019 versions are supported.
  4. Presenters should disclose any existing conflicts of interest on the second slide of their presentation (after the title slide). Please refer to the COI Disclosure Guidelines below.

2.1. If you are presenting on the Secretariat PC

  1. Please arrive at the PC Preview Desk at least 45 minutes before your presentation is scheduled to start, so that we can check your presentation file.
    You can also bring your presentation file to the PC Preview Desk on any day during the conference.
    PC Preview Desk: Room H, 1st floor, Kyoto International Conference Center
  2. If you have prepared your presentation data on a Macintosh, you are requested to bring your own computer.
  3. If you have audio and video playback embedded in your presentation, please bring your own computer as a backup and notify the operator in advance.
  4. The session room is equipped with a remote presentation system. You will have a TFT monitor, a mouse and a USB keyboard on the podium to navigate through your presentation.
  5. The Secretariat will delete all and any presentation data left on the Secretariat PC after the session.

2.2. If you bring your own PC

  1. The Secretariat will prepare a VGA (mini D-sub 15 pin) PC cable connector. If your PC is not compatible with VGA, please make sure you bring an adaptor.
  2. Please notify the operator in advance if you will be using video or audio tracks in your presentation.
  3. Your presentation data file should be named as “<Session Number> <Your Last Name>”, and saved in ppt or pptx format on your desktop.
    Sample file name: WP-00 Smith.pptx
  4. Please disable your screensaver and any other power-saving features on your PC.
  5. Please bring your AC adapter/charger cable and power plug converter with you. Be sure to use the original AC adapter that was supplied with your computer.
  6. Please bring a backup copy of your presentation data on a USB flash drive or a compact disc (CD-R, DVD-R), in the event of any unforeseen circumstances.
  7. After your presentation, don’t forget to receive your computer back from the operator at the venue.

COI Disclosure Guidelines

  • If you need to disclose a Conflict of Interest, please use the COI disclosure slide as the second slide of your presentation (after the title slide) to clarify the names of companies and/or associations in question.
  • If there is no COI, please indicate “I have no financial relationships to disclose.” on your presentation slides or use the No COI sample slide below.