As we wish many people to know more about Kyoto, we prepared Kyoto Quiz. Please write your answer in the sheet below and bring it to JSNM booth in the exhibition hall at the occasion of EANM2019. THREE arrivals who get all of quiz correct will get nice present. See you in Barcelona.

The quiz has closed. Thank you very much.

Answer sheet

1. Where is Kyoto?

2. What is the population of Kyoto? (as of Jan. 2019)

A. About 3.5 million
B. About 2.5 million
C. About 1.5 million

3. Where is the eldest shrine in Kyoto?

A. Kifune Shrine

B. Atago Shrine

C. Kamigamo Shrine

4. What is the highest wooden building in Kyoto?

A. Five-Story Pagoda of Daigo-ji Temple

B. Five-Story Pagoda of To-ji Temple

C. Kiyomizu Temple

5. What is a total number of foreign visitors to Japan in 2018?

A. About 29 million
B. About 30 million
C. About 31 million