The 8th Annual Conference of Japan Primary Care Association
Message from the President

Hiroshi Bando 
(Kitajima Taoka Hospital/Tokushima University)

 Over the past years, the Japan Primary Care Association (JPCA) has continued to conduct a wide range of activities for the development of general practice and community medicine in Japan, together with other related associations in this area. The 6th Annual Conference was held in Tsukuba City and the 7th in Asakusa. The Shikoku branch has been responsible for organizing the 8th Annual Conference, for which we will make all concerted efforts to ensure its success.
 The theme of this year’s conference is “General Practice Opening a Path to the Future: Creating new bridges to communities.” The conference will be held from May 12-14, 2017 at different venues around Sunport Hall Takamatsu, which is directly connected to JR Takamatsu Station.

 Shikoku is an island of hospitality, an island of love. It has become well known for the 88 Temple Pilgrimage, in which the spirit of Kobo Daishi has continued to be passed down in an unbroken line. The sacred places of Shikoku include the Dojo of Awakening (Tokushima), the Dojo of Ascetic Training (Kochi), the Dojo of Enlightenment (Ehime), and the Dojo of Nirvana (Kagawa). By traveling to all the sacred places, pilgrims are guided to the stage where they can overcome and be liberated from all worldly desires.

 Speaking personally, when I first started as a physician, I heard about a clinical program in the United States, which awakened in me an immediate desire to take on the challenge of studying. I obtained my ECFMG qualifications and had the opportunity to practice in a family practice residency program. Following that, I received guidance from senior colleagues for many years through both the old and new JPCA, to whom I would like to offer my most sincere gratitude. Although I have still been unable to reach a satisfactory stage, I believe that I must continue doing all that I can do.

 I feel that there are many common points between the merciful hearts and practices of the 88 Temple Pilgrimage and the philosophy and development of primary care medicine. From 2018, we are planning the start of a new specialist system that has been waiting in the wings due to the lengthy discussions held. With general practice recognized as the 19th fundamental area and future residencies around the country, we believe that it will continue to develop from the stage of infancy to adolescence.
 This is precisely the timing for the point where general practice starts to open up paths to the future, and where we can expect a variety of coordination and the development of new liaisons. Please join us for our 8th Annual Conference. We hope that this will be a meaningful opportunity to deepen discussions and further expand our networks with one another.

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