9th Annual Conference of Japan Primary Care Association
Message from the President
Yousuke C. Takemura, MD, PhD

9th Annual Conference of Japan Primary Care Association
President: Yousuke C. Takemura, MD, PhD
(Department of Family Medicine,
Mie University School of Medicine and Graduate School of Medicine, Japan)

 The Japan Primary Care Association has been nurturing family medicine specialist, and contributing to the development of primary care in Japan. As “family physician/general practitioner” or “specialist of general medicine” has been defined variedly in each country, “primary care” – along with inter professional collaboration and community-oriented care, have been reviewed once more. Putting aside the primary care defined by academic association, let’s look back at the origin of “Japan’s primary care”. There might be a lot of context but for now on, with a lot of new allies and the increasing needs of primary care, this is the turning point for primary care.

 In the year of 2018 specially, the young generations aiming for family medicine/general practice may be getting larger and larger. In recent years, pharmacists and nurses practicing in the community have also made variety of efforts. It is a great year to build a new primary care. It is high time to make a bold move to create a new primary care, which bases on the primary care that has been developed until this point. For this purpose, the 9th annual conference of primary care in Mie will fully incorporate those themes.

 Up to this moment, we have been learning family medicine/general practice/primary care mostly from the US and Europe. However, we should also put emphasize on developing primary care that meet the needs of Japan. It is also important to have Japan primary care which contributes in accordance to the needs in Asia Pacific region. In this opportunity, let’s rethink the standing position on how to build Japan’s primary care in the future with Asian perspective, and reference to the US and Europe.

 Mie prefecture can be said as the origin of Japan. The culture is kept alive here as it is. Ise shrine still shows the beautiful radiance as before, and the beautiful nature here remains unchanged. Let’s think together about Japan’s primary care restart in this place. We will certainly find the unique and attractive primary care for all of us, and for the people in the community we live in. With all our hearts, we are looking forward to see you and welcome you in Mie!