Young Investigator Award (YIA) / Travel Grant

The following Award/Grant will be provided only if the abstract is accepted, and the applicant (presenting author) completes the registration (payment for grant applicants), and actually presents (onsite or online) during the Congress. The Award/Grant will be paid after the Congress.

Application Contents

Age Residing Outside of Japan
Residing Outside of Japan Residing in Japan Documents to be Submitted Award/Grant Contents
1. YIA for Outstanding Poster Under 40 × Proof of Date of Birth+CV A. Complementary Registration
B. Complimentary Registration+US$500
2. Travel Grant for Developing Countries Under 40 × × Proof of Date of Birth C. US$500

Eligibility to apply for WFNMB2022
Young Investigator Award/Travel Grant

  • Young investigators who ARE NOT residing in Japan.
  • The applicant (presenting author) must be under 40 years of age as of September 11, 2022.

1. Young Investigator Award (YIA) for Outstanding Poster

The presenting author needs to upload the following two documents.

  1. A document confirming the date of birth (a scan of your passport page, ID, etc.).
  2. CV (PDF in designated format*)
    *The CV format should be downloaded from below.
    CV must be summarized within two pages. You may add or delete lines but not item
    names. Designated Font: 12pt Times New Roman, Century, or Arial

    Abstracts and CVs will be reviewed.

  1. Those selected will receive a complimentary registration. (approx. 50 persons)
  2. Outstanding Applicants will receive a complimentary registration, and an award of US$500 each. (approx. 10 persons)

2. Travel Grant for Young Investigators from Developing Countries

Eligibility to apply for WFNMB2022 Travel Grant

  • Travel Grant are primarily for attendees (presenting authors) currently residing in developing countries.
    Countries classified as developing countries for this purpose are those whose economies are listed by the World Bank as “Low-income” or “Lower-middle Income” in the World Bank list of economies.
  • The applicant (presenting author) must be under 40 years of age as of September 11, 2022
  • The applicant (presenting author) needs to upload a document confirming their date of birth (a scan of your passport page, ID, etc.).
    The applicant may choose to apply for both YIA and Travel Grant, or Travel Grant only.
  1. Abstracts will be reviewed and the presenting author of accepted poster will receive a grant of US$500 each for traveling expenses.
    Online participation is accepted.
    If the applicant receives the YIA for Outstanding Poster, the application for Travel Grant will become invalid.